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Sunvest Capital Partners was created by Fiona Darmon and Merav Weinryb, seasoned venture capitalists, with the belief that optimal liquidity solutions and long-term value creation come from within.

A Fund Created by Venture Capitalists to Invest in Venture Capitalists. With over 30 years of combined experience in technology investing, value creation and fundraising, the Sunvest Capital Partners team aims to work together with Limited Partners, General Partners and growth stage companies, to identify the most relevant, win – win transactions to both generate liquidity and drive long term portfolio value creation. The teams network of investing partners, multinational corporations and seasoned entrepreneurs will augment the potential promise of each investment as they seek to achieve true value potential.

Sunvest Capital Partners are your partners to work together to structure, orchestrate and implement a wide range of liquidity-oriented transactions in private equity. Leveraging deep technological understanding and investment skillset, alongside a broad partnership network, the Sunvest Capital Partners team's goal is to both craft the best transaction, and create value. Together.

Sunvest Capital Partners, LP is backed by seasoned technology, venture and financial investors spanning Israel, Europe, the UK and North America. The partnership aims to identify and invest in the most promising opportunities in the Israeli and Israeli-related tech ecosystem.

Tel Aviv:
Sunvest Capital Partners
Hagag Towers
28 Haarbaa Street
Tel Aviv, Israel
Email: [email protected]

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